A long time ago, long before the time I organized Makeup Awards, before I was asked to work on technical manuals and before I started working as a teacher, I was sent out by my then employer hood & grime at the NOS. . I had to put a well-known presenter in the make-up. Once at the location – this time Jaarbeurs Utrecht – I installed my make-up mirror, connected the electricity, took my make-up suitcase neatly on a clean towel and uncoiled my disinfected brush set.

While I looked at my beautiful boxes with shiny mirrors, a girl came in. She wore a worn-out bag from a well-known supermarket, was completely dressed in black with enormous red boots – completely in line with the latest fashion among make-up artists at the time. “Hi, I’m going to make models,” she announced. “Be welcome, me too. And you see: there is a place, ‘I replied kindly.

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